Lisa Proof(t)

Where will you be having your next memorable dining experience?

You can find that place right here, at Lisa Proof(t).

Lisa Proof(t) is a combination of my passion for photography and food. After more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and going to impressive restaurants, I, Lisa, wanted to create a place in which I can share places that have provided me with unforgettable memories and that will probably do the same to you.

Tell me more..

The name is quite straight forward: Lisa is my name, but proof(t) has a few layers:
1) proof as in it can handle Lisa
2) prooft – approved by Lisa, and
3) prooft from the Dutch word “proeft” (pronounce as prooved), which means to taste.

So how will Lisa Proof(t) help you to find that nice, cool restaurant? By sharing my experiences and pictures. The idea behind the pictures is that they show you the type of food, the atmosphere at the restaurant and the people behind the restaurant. The article will then describe the experience in more detail. If both make you enthusiastic, it’s a match!

Because I am of the opinion that you need to focus on the good things in life, you will not find any bad reviews or restaurants that do not meet my standards on this website. All restaurants that I refer to are restaurants with a good quality of food, combined with a great atmosphere and cosy setting. You can dress up to go there, but the atmosphere will mostly be informal. So whether you want to go out with friends, your lover or family, for a special occasion or just to go out: you will find some good suggestions here!

About Lisa

Who is the Lisa behind Lisa Proof(t)? I am Lisa Nijhuis and I live in London, after moving away from my home (Amsterdam) after 8 years. That is why you will find a lot about Amsterdam and London on this blog. Originally I was born and raised in Beverwijk, a sub-urb from Amsterdam at the coast area.

When I was 14, I started working in a restaurant at the beach as a dish washer and I sticked to working in hospitality until I graduated law school in 2016. Between 2006 and 2016 I gained a lot of experience: I followed wine course and worked in a broad range of restaurants.

I worked at various restaurants as a waitress, but I also worked in bars specialised in beer and/or wine. This experience does not make me an authority or a food critic, but it did teach me what I do consider a good restaurant and what I like.

The past years I have been working as a lawyer in Amsterdam, where I specialised in intellectual property law. In January 2022 I moved to London to work as an in-house legal counsel for a global tech company. When I am not working, I love to run as I am running races and compete in triathlons, but I also like to eat, bake, cook, photograph and travel. Eating is my favorite thing to do and good food has a really positive impact on my mood. Traveling for food is one of the things that I love the most! I have been to a few amazing restaurants now, including Hisa Franko (Slovenia), Osteria Francescana (Italy), Room4Dessert (Bali, Indonesia) Oteque (Rio, Brazil) and D.O.M. (Sao Paulo, Brazil). You can find my experience with some of these restaurants on this website. I promise that many more will follow.

Why Lisa Proof(t)?

When I started working as a lawyer, I missed the restaurants in my daily life, which resulted in me going out for dinner multiple times a week. It also resulted in a nice list that I shared many times with friends and family when they were looking for a nice place to go. On many occasions I even gave them a tailor made list, depending on the occasion and the group.

My friends and family love the places that I recommend and told me that I should do something with it, since food is one of the most important things in my life. That made me think, because I did not want to establish yet another food blog. I wanted to create something different based on my passions.

Since I am not only passionate about food, but also about photography and writing, I decided to combine the three in one: Lisa Proof(t)! The difference with other food blogs is the way that I share the experience: I choose the pictures that in my opinion truly reflect the atmosphere in the restaurant. The pictures are of high quality and show things that many other food blogs don’t show you: the people and the details, combined with the experience.

My Instagram

The feed of my Instagram shows you three types of pictures. Every row represents one restaurant. The three pictures together reflect the atmosphere of that specific restaurant. You can easily scroll through my feed to see which row attracts you the most. The restaurant that is depicted in that row would be a good place to visit for your next dinner! Besides the pictures, you will find a short review of the restaurant.

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