An overview of the best restaurants in Amsterdam

Whether you want to order or take-away during the COVID-19 crisis or if you want to go to a restaurant, you will find good options here!



Fine dining * in a relaxed atmosphere

Smokey flavours, funky wine combinations and a lot of fun!


Delicate yet comforting fine dining

Sit back and relax in an old skool setting with dishes full of delicate flavors.

Kaagman & Kortekaas

Relaxed atmosphere and great food

Out of the box combinations that work perfectly.

Slagerij de Beurs

Meat specialties, but also fish/vegetarian options

A cosy, energetic and versatile restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam.


Foraging cuisine

Enjoying what nature has to offer: the best of both worlds – flora and fauna.


Easy fine dining

Seasonal products on their best in a stylish, but comfortable atmosphere: a high end dinner with lots of fun.


High quality comfort food

Comforting food to share in a timeless setting


French cuisine

A holiday in the Provence in Amsterdam

La Fiorita

Modern twist of the Italian cuisine

A table full of pure, Italian heaven.

Choux – Wine garden

Snacks and wine

Beautiful wine garden in the middle of delicous herbs and flowers.

Restaurant Elkaar

Fusion cuisine, fine dining

Cosy restaurant with a living room feeling. High quality food and a new perspective.

Edel by Dennis

Fusion cuisine, fine dining

Looking for an accessible restaurant with amazing food and a unique interior? Try this one!

Restaurant Floreyn

Dutch cuisine, fine dining

If you want delicate food and “oer-Hollandse” cuisine, you will find it here!

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