A night at the theatre: a whole new experience in Amsterdam-East

Background of Coulisse

After many years, the boys (Simon and Tim – the owners) are back home again. They know each other from growing up in the eastern part of Amsterdam. Years later, after they both went abroad to work in (well-known) restaurants, they are back in East with a new restaurant, Coulisse, and a new concept: easy fine dining.

Coulisse is situated in a former theatre, which explains the name. The restaurant is located in the reception space of the theatre and has been styled by Piet Boon: modern with earth colours and beautiful art, which is a lust for the eye. At Coulisse, Tim and Simon are serving a new concept: fine dining but done differently. Not the typical fine dining dishes, but different products and approaches. It is a real experience.

Before we start our dinner, we enjoy a glass of homemade fig kombucha on the small terrace in the sun, with some amuses (mackerel with roasted seaweed; a potato sandwich with green strawberries, nasturtium and cod (smoked cod roe); and cold asparagus soup with seaweed oil). This was just a warming up for the rest of the evening.


As I just said, having dinner at Coulisse is a real experience. The food consists of delicious, pure ingredients that together form extraordinary combinations that make your mouth watering. It is the combination of flavours and textures that are literally next level. One of the dishes that still blows my mind, because every bite consisted of three phases, is the combination of peas with buttermilk, a sauce of the pods and elderflower. First the fresh taste of the pea, then the structure and some crisps and last but not least the buttermilk: a true taste explosion.

Another good thing about Coulisse is that it is not a tight concept, but a fun concept. Eating with your hands is totally accepted, it focuses on the taste of the food. An example thereof is the Maitake: grilled Maitaike mushroom with condiments. The idea is to make a wrap of the summer cabage and to combine the lion’s mane in the wrap with the condiments, which results in a mouth full of good food and dirty hands (which I don’t mind).

Easy fine dining – the experience

The way the food is served, the combination of the flavours and the atmosphere really made it clear to me that easy fine dining is different from the average fine dining place and that I really like it. The dishes are more straightforward and there is no need to make it look unnecessary difficult, but the taste of it on the other hand is of extremely high quality.

The place looks amazing, but you don’t have to wear a gown to fit in. A simple jeans with a nice blouse will do the job. On the background hits of the last 50 years are played, which also makes it more relaxed. Fun fact: there is a very nice contrast between the music in the restaurant and the music in the toilet. The music in the toilet makes you feel like a real queen (or king) on the throne, if you know what I mean, since you are accompanied by Bach. So even going to the toilet is an experience at Coulisse.

When we walked away from Coulisse, we left the place with a big smile on our faces and we kept repeating how we fell in love with this concept. Although the price is in a higher segment than ‘average’ fine dining, the experience and the quality is totally worth it. Especially when you want to celebrate something.

So for a night and a concept to remember, you should definitely visit Coulisse.

Favorite dish

The flavor bomb of the peas was an experience on itself. Besides this dish I was a very big fan of the crab salad with Mexican pepper, a sauce of cucumber and lavas. This dish was a perfect balance between fresh, a nice spice and savory flavors. Another dish that I really liked, was the carbonara variant with asparagus.


The concept ‘easy fine dining’ is a perfect invention. Seasonal products on their best in a stylish, but comfortable atmosphere. Coulisse is the perfect place to have a high end dinner with lots of fun.


Oostenburgergracht 75, 1018 NC Amsterdam

Set surprise menu EUR 65

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