Edel By Dennis

Culinary revolution in the rebellious kitchen of Edel by Dennis

Accesible rebel

Rebels often tend to take things too far and to lose control. Well, this time that is not the case. The new kid in town, Edel by Dennis, does not do things by the book, but is writing its own book. And guys, this book will become a best-seller. I will tell you why.

Edel by Dennis is the younger brother of Daalder, the delicious fine dining restaurant in the Jordaan, Amsterdam. Just like with human younger siblings, Edel by Dennis is the rebellion version of its older sibling. When entering the restaurant, you will notice it directly: bright colors and graffiti are applied on the walls, as well as provocative texts. The entrance also includes another eye catcher: the cocktail bar. Yup, Edel by Dennis is not only offering you good food, but loves to treat you with a special and delicious cocktail as well! What are you waiting for?

The fun thing about the rebellion atmosphere that Edel by Dennis reflects is that it attracts all sorts of people. As a great result, the place is very approachable and you will find many young people and actually people of all sorts.

Cocktails, food and good wine

We started our evening with one of the cocktails, the Paris cocktail with St. Germain, Violet liquer and Citadelle gin. The cocktail was well-balanced with strong but delicate flavors, which resulted in a great success. As a welcome snack caramelized sunflower seeds were served and this snack really set the tone for the rest of the evening (read: highly addictive food).

Now over to the food. Some combinations were unexpected, but turned out to work perfectly. The evening ended with a pistachio cake with dates and cantuccini that, for me, describes the whole menu: a combination of flavors and structures that were balanced in the way that you want them to be. No exaggerations or too extreme tastes, but an ideal dish that provides you with a perfectly satisfied feeling. In short, we left at the end of the evening with a very big smile on our faces and the conviction that we will return very soon.

The rebellion character of Edel by Dennis can also be found in the wines that were chosen to accompany the dishes. A delicious white wine from the north of Italy (da Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco) accompanied the gnocchi. It was a wine that I would never have picked myself, not to combine with food or to drink by itself. But when I tried the combination, it was awesome! And just so you know, this was not the only combination that evening that stunned me… So if you are looking for an out of the box fine dining experience that will satisfy your food and wine cravings, be a rebel and go to Edel by Dennis.

Favorite dish

As you can probably understand from the above, all dishes were incredibly good. There was one exception that was extremely good: the gnocchi, with a compote of cevenne onions, hazelnut and an emulsion of reblochon cheese. A very nice balance of savory flavors combined with the beautiful structure of the gnocchi. It has been a week and I am still thinking of this dish.


The decoration of Edel by Dennis is unique and very creative: beautiful graffiti drawings on the wall, good choice of furniture and a beautiful wine wall behind the wine bar. The other thing that really attracts me to Edel by Dennis is that it is not your average fine dining restaurant: different sorts of people visit the restaurant and it is very accessible. In my opinion: what fine dining should be like!

Edel by Dennis

Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

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