Sit back and relax in an old skool setting with dishes full of delicate flavors.


In the east part of the city center, a modern yet delicate restaurant can be found. Across the water surrounding Artis, next to old warehouses, Entrepot is located at the Entrepotdok. 

When entering the restaurant, you will step into a spacious low-key, yet stylish space with a cool bar and a pool table. From there you’ll walk to one of old skool school tables and chairs and you’ll look right into the kitchen. While walking through the restaurant, you will notice the mix of guests visiting Entrepot. Both couples, group of friends, young people and older people are getting together at this place

Sit back and relax!

Once you sit down, there are a few choices to make; enjoy multiple courses full of delicate flavors (with a vegetarian option) or simply order à la cart. As you might know by now: I really want to experience the best a restaurant has to offer. This time was no exception, so we picked the menu, sat back and relaxed.

The menu was indeed a very good choice. It was a reflection of the craftsmanship of the chefs in the kitchen. The flavors in the dishes were all well balanced and delicate. Variations from fresh dishes to comfortable dishes and all of them accompanied by beautiful classic wines. For example, the delicious fresh combination of beans, with a remoulade of wild garlic, a gravy of beans and sunflower pits. This dish was combined with a beautifully balanced au gré du vin which took the dish to a higher level. A perfect mix of fresh flavors, with a subtle sourness. Let’s say that I am not surprised that Entrepot only has had very good reviews. The food, the service and the atmosphere are great: an easy going atmosphere, without losing any quality of food and service.

Best dishes

You have probably noticed that I am a very big fan of comforting flavors. Especially umami flavors make my heart jump. However, a dish full of fresh flavors and structures is also something that I can really appreciate, so I will mention a few dishes this time.

Our evening started with plaice (schol) from the North Sea with pine tips, kohlrabi and a gravy made from pear. A very nice combination of the soft fish structure with the crispy kohlrabi. It was just fresh as .. you know what I mean!

A comforting dish that represents things that I typically love is the following: salt roasted yellow beetroot with beurre blanc and lovage (lavas). Not only this dish made me happy, but also the wine accompanying it: a full bodied Verdejo. The subtle sweetness of the beetroot together with the full, fatty taste of the beurre blanc with a subtle sourness and the lovage was so satisfying with a sip of Verdejo. 

Since I am providing you with so many details, one final dish! This dish was one of the best desserts I have ever had: barely porridge (gortepap) with brown butter, a crumble of cocoa and a sorbet made from beurre noisette. Only the description is already mouthwatering, right?


The way Entrepot keeps everything low-key and accessible, while serving very high quality food with delicate flavors and classic wines. It is a perfect evening with your lover, your friend(s) or your family. Relaxing while enjoying some very high quality dishes and wines. 


Entrepotdok 8 , 1018AD Amsterdam

5 courses – EUR 46(v)/52

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