Enjoying what nature has to offer: the best of both worlds – flora and fauna.

It’s natural

Preparing delicious food with what nature offers you. You would hope to see that everywhere, but you will find it especially at Foer. Foer’s name comes from the Dutch verb ‘foerageren’ (foraging in English), which means searching and finding food in nature. It reflects its menu and what Foer does in its kitchen: the menu changes as the seasons change, because nature has other things to offer depending on the season. Also, natural processes such as fermentation or pickling are often used to prepare both food and juices. You will notice that immediately as you walk into the restaurant, where you will find a lot of jars filled with food.

After hearing many good stories about Foer, me and my friends decided to have dinner and enjoy their brand new terrace. Besides that terrace, you can also take a seat inside at one of the tables that is part of their modern interior, or even better: take a seat at the chef’s table. The chef’s table is the bar that is situated in front of the kitchen and it offers you an exclusive opportunity to see how the chefs of Foer are preparing your dishes.

Foer is located in the Eastern part of Amsterdam at a location that has known many restaurants. Most of them not being able to make something out of it, but let’s say that Foer is the phoenix that has risen from the ashes of its predecessors. Because I can assure that Foer is here to stay!

Flora and Fauna

The food and the wine of Foer are both funky and pure. That is also why the combination of the two works great. The wines are from all over Europe and the crew can tell you a lot of nice details about them. One of the wines that I really liked was an orange wine: Foradori Fontanasanta, an Italian wine house run by a family. Elisabetta Foradori has been the owner of this wine house since she was 19(!!) after her father passed away. After her, her children will run the wine house. Elisabetta creates funky, yet delicate red and orange wines. A natural, very beautiful, delicate, yet full and light coloured orange wine. This wine was combined with the trout, a sauce of trout roe and crème fraiche and new potato, which was very tasteful and full of nice, fatty flavours.

Additional reasons

Besides the great food and wine, the crew working at Foer is full of energy, has a lot of knowledge about the products it serves and above all is very passionate. The service is a big plus and is definitely also one of the factors that make you want to visit Foer. Another big plus is that you can choose between a flora menu (vegetarian) or fauna menu (including fish and meat). In addition thereto you can also pick a juice pairing instead of a wine pairing or you can even combine the two. The juices are all homemade. You can think of kombucha, kefir or kvass. So you can be responsible, sustainable and/or simply enjoy what Foer offers you. Enough options and all of them will make you happy!

Favorite dish

The trout was full of tasteful and fatty flavours, which became even better with the help of the orange wine. Besides that I loved the grilled fennel with white grapes and a mix of onion, wild garlic and leek. A perfect balance between fresh and savory flavours.


The great service, the funky wines and the pure dishes. Also, the amount of good options that are available make it the perfect place to go!


Cruquiusweg 9 , 1019AT Amsterdam

Set menu: 5 courses EUR60 / 7 courses EUR69

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