La Fiorita

A table full of pure, Italian heaven!

The flowery restaurant in the Jordaan

La Fiorita (the flowery) has been in the Tweede Tuindwarsstraat for a year now. It is a modern Italian restaurant in the Jordaan that you might have spotted on my blog for takeaway. Now that its doors have opened again, I could not wait to stop by.

The street that La Fiorita is located in has many restaurants. It is a rural street that breaths food. So before entering the restaurant, the atmosphere is already great. Once you enter the restaurant, you will immediately see the open kitchen in the back of the restaurant. On the walls you can find vintage posters. The round tables with nice leather benches are another typical feature of La Fiorita. Besides that, the interior exists of beautiful wooden chairs and details. Italian chique!

The food

Having dinner at La Fiorita is a real Italian experience. The evening starts with a table full of antipasti. The dishes are very varied, but all of them are delicious and pure. If you would ask me to describe the food of La Fiorita, I would describe it as pure. High quality products are combined in a way that make the flavours even better. You will find traditional Italian dishes, but most of them have a modern twist and/or are combinations of traditional dishes.

The secondo that we had, was a very nice lamb with asparagus and broad beans. And yes, it tasted as good as it looks.

The evening ends with a dish full of desserts. Most people would call this heaven. That includes me. The desserts were very good variants of more traditional Italian desserts. One of the desserts was a very good tiramisu with espresso martini. Another one was a very nice panna cotta made from buttermilk. In short, it was a great, pure Italian heaven.

Something that I can really recommend people that love full bodied white wine, is the Italian white wine that is made from the Nosiola grape. Nosiola means hazelnut in an Italian dialect. Let’s say that you can taste some very nice hazelnuts in this delicious wine. So if you are also into this kind of wine, try it!

Another thing that I like about La Fiorita is the great service and the relaxed people. If you want you can dress up, but if you feel like wearing a pair of nice sneakers, that’s also fine. It is very accesible and serves very good Italian food. La Fiorita remains my favorite Italian restaurant in Amsterdam, because it shows you an important piece of the Italian culture: a table full of good quality food. Who doesn’t like that?

Favorite dish

Since we had so many dishes, I will highlight a few of them, starting with the antipasti. The Cavolifiore (cauliflower with yellow beet, chipotle, hazelnut and beurre noisette) was an amazingly comforting dish with great flavors and a subtly spice. The same goes for the cipolla (roasted onion, scamorza mayonnaise, mushrooms and morilles), but without the spices. But besides these modern antipasti, I am still crazy about the traditional melanzane and the zucchini friti.


The table full of food: not only because of the high quality, but because it gives me the feeling of being in Italy. This, combined with the great service that La Fiorita offers, makes it a place you really want to go back to, preferably on a daily basis

La Fiorita

Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 12H1015 RZ Amsterdam

4 courses (Chef’s menu) EUR 64

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