Restaurant Elkaar

Eating with each other at each other

“Bij Elkaar”

Restaurant Elkaar in English means “each other”, so in Dutch when you eat at Elkaar, you are actually eating “with each other”. That is exactly what you will do at this cosy restaurant that feels like you are having dinner in a relaxed living room. Whether you are having a romantic date or celebrating with your family, Elkaar is the place to go.

Fun fact about Elkaar is that a family runs the business and you can sense that by the way you are treated. The crew is interested and involved, but knows when to take some distance and they really make you feel at home, especially with the flair that the crew uses throughout the night.

The food

Besides creating a nice atmosphere, Elkaar knows how to create creative dishes with unfamiliar combinations (in the good sense of the word). The kitchen serves fusion dishes in an unexpected way.

For example, a steak tartar that is served with fried egg yolk and langoustines and a duck breast that is served with chicory and French toast. With these surprising and out of the box combinations the chefs create amazing dishes with a nice balance of sweet, salty and freshness. All dishes reflect that the chefs know how to combine the very different ingredients in unfamiliar combinations.


Another fun fact is that Elkaar has taken several measures to prevent food from being wasted. For example, it serves so-called rescued onions that students from the Hotel School The Hague saved when machines were not able to harvest onions that had been soaked due to a flood. The students then harvested the onions themselves and Elkaar subsequently used these onions as an appetizer. Also, Elkaar’s chef menu is very flexible: the chefs try to use ingredients that it already has, experiments with seasonal products and it combines products in a new and experimental way. As I told you, the combinations that follow from this flexibility are very good. This anti-waste policy is another big plus for Elkaar.

Favorite dish

Although I actually want to pick multiple, I am going for the duck breast with chicory and French toast. The dish had citrus (the vinaigrette), sweetness and savoury flavors combined in one dish and this combination was perfectly balanced.


The fact that a family runs this cosy and high quality restaurant can really be felt and is one of the many reasons why you want to go to Elkaar again and again. It is an atmosphere that is rare in good restaurants and it makes it accessible. This and the creative chefs with their cool, new combinations make it a perfect place for a romantic dinner or a cosy get together.

Restaurant Elkaar

Alexanderplein 6, 1018CG Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

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