Slagerij de Beurs

The cosy, energetic and versatile restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam.

Warm welcome

It was an early Saturday evening when we walked into Slagerij de Beurs. As we entered the restaurant, we were warmly welcomed by Ard, one of the owners of Slagerij de Beurs. He made sure that we had a comfortable seat in one of the chesterfields and from that point on, we knew we were in great hands. The evening started so smoothly and it was clear that we would be laughing all night long, which in the end was exactly what we did: what a night!

The story

Slagerij de Beurs recently opened its doors in the heart of Amsterdam, next to Rembrandtplein. The name would suggest that it is a butcher, but it actually is a low-key restaurant, that also offers delicious vegetarian options. The name is a reference to Timo de Beurs, also one of the owners, who descends from a century old butcher family. Timo, Tim and Ard decided to open this new restaurant, as they all have a long, extensive history with food and restaurants. This is something that you will immediately notice, as it is clear that these men know a lot about hospitality and great food.

The restaurant has a great interior: it is minimalistic, but colourful and there is great balance between modern and classic features. The chesterfields are the perfect place to start your evening: they provide you with a perfect view on the bar, the restaurant and the open kitchen. Sitting there with one of the delicious cocktails that Slagerij de Beurs makes, is simply the perfect start of your evening. After that you will have dinner at one of the many tables from which you will also look right into the kitchen.

The food

The menu has lots of good options: delicious meat, but also cool vegetarian variations of typical meat dishes. For example, the eggplant pie. The pies are the one of the specialties of Slagerij de Beurs. As we could not decide what to pick, we went for the 4-course menu and that is something we can highly recommend. In addition thereto, we took the eggplant pie, because we did not want to miss out on their specialties of course.

The evening started with a tomato salad that was of such high quality, you could literally taste the pureness of the tomatoes. After that, we had the paté en croute made from pig, with pistachios and cucumber, and served with a chutney made from apricots and horseradish. The paté was of course homemade and of exquisite quality. It was so d*mn comforting, that I actually wanted to have another one. But let’s keep that for next time!

Before the main course, we had the eggplant pie that made us so curious. It was a pie as a pie should be: tender on the inside, crispy on the outside and sweet but salty. This is definitely a dish that you should try, since it is clear why they call it one of their specialties. Then over to the main course: grilled octopus with a lentils salad; a nice combination of structures. And last but not least, the almond tart with poached peaches and ice cream made of ricotta, which was a perfect balance of subtle sweetness.

Besides the delicious food, Slagerij de Beurs also has a fine wine list with a lot of wines within every price range, but also some delicious cocktails. That’s also the reason why we started the evening with a cocktail and ended it with a very good espresso martini. Also, let’s not forget about the great atmosphere in the restaurant. Everything is possible and a visit to Slagerij de Beurs will be fun for sure.

Favorite dish

It is hard to decide between the delicious paté en croute and the pie. So I am making it easy for myself by ensuring you that both dishes will make you a very happy person. Sometimes you should not just pick one, but enjoy both!


All together, it was an unforgettable evening because of the relaxed atmosphere, the great food, but especially the people. Everything was possible and arranged with so much positive energy, that all you can really do is smile and enjoy the evening. Fun guaranteed!

Slagerij de Beurs

Amstelstraat 9, 1017DA Amsterdam

À la carte or a 4-course menu for EUR 39,50

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