Café Caron

Caron à la maison

Caron has been one of my favorite restaurants in Amsterdam for a while now for many reasons: the good food, it’s approachable and the no nonsense mentality. The place breathes the “Burgundian lifestyle” and it’s always vivid. It makes you feel comfortable and it’s everything but uptight, while it serves very high quality food and wines (including its own wine). Conclusion: a place you want to go to.

And you don’t just want to go their normally. Trust me, you want to get the Caron à la Maison experience as well. The atmosphere is still there at the pick-up, as the crew is still making the best of it and the place has some special takeaway decoration. Besides that, the food has been one of the best that I had lately. Another plus: Caron organized a fun livestream from Alain’s kitchen. In this livestream they show you how to finish the meals and how to make it look good at home. It was so much fun to see the interaction between Alain and his son and to see Alain at work with passion.

In the pictures you see the following dishes:

  • Gravad lax with cauliflower cream, raw cauliflower, lemon vinaigrette and radish (my new favorite dish- the combination of flavors and structures was just perfect)
  • Profiterole with crème pâtissière and citrus tartare

If the Caron family cooks like this at home every day, they might expect me to be on their doorstep anytime soon on the days that they are not offering this experience!


3 courses for two persons, EUR 59

Café Caron no longer does takeaway, but reservations are open!

French Cuisine, Frans Halsstraat 28, 1072 BS Amsterdam

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