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K&K ready meals

As you can ready in my recent article K&K is one of my favorites in Amsterdam: delicious food, nice people and a great ambiance. After hearing many good stories about their takeaway, I could not wait to order it!

So last weekend I ordered the three courses of K&K (€32,50) and after a fun afternoon of taking pictures in the kitchen and in the restaurant, I could not wait to taste the food!
All I can say is that it made me very happy to have K&K’s food again. The fresh salad was a perfect balance between sweet, sour and a subtle spicy dressing. The dessert was amazing. It had a subtle sweet taste and the herbs with the raspberry and pistachios made it complete. It is crystal clear that K&K has excellent taste for surprising combinations and balancing flavors!

You can also use Deliveroo if you want to stay in, btw! If you want to take it easy, K&K also offers delicious ‘stamppot’ for €15, with new delicious combinations.

In the pictures:
•Guinea fowl leg with boudin blanc, truffle, patato salad, broad beans and nori (delicious fresh notes in this savory dish)
•Panna cotta of asparagus, a fluffer of goose fat with elderflower, raspberries, pistachio and basil
•Dutch spinach salad with rhubarb, pickled cheese, smoked almonds, dates and a cream of jalapeño with plankton.

Takeaway menu & stamppot

Amsterdam – Centrum

3 courses EUR 32,50

Monday – Sunday

kaagmanenkortekaas.nl, Sint Nicolaasstraat 43, 1012 NJ Amsterdam

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