Restaurant Floreyn


Restaurant Floreyn is a restaurant that serves the innovative Dutch cuisine and applies a high a standard. In my previous article, I already told and showed you a bit about them. The restaurant also has a lot of subtle and classy Dutch details. My first visit was an amazing experience: good food in ways and combinations you would not expect, the people were incredibly kind and told you so many cool details about the food and the wine!

Floreyn now offers the DIT (“Do It Together”) box, because let’s face it: we have to do it together. This DIT box costs you only €37,50 and it includes a delicious three course meal with an amuse and friandises. You can order the box for Friday- Saturday. In my Instagram video I will show and tell you more about DIT!

In the pictures you see the following dishes:

  • Eggplant with goat cheese and a bouillon of apple and celery
  • Lamb shoulder with pommes pavé, carrot and a sauce of red bell peppers (one to die for: the lamb shoulder was perfectly prepared and the sauce was just amazing. I actually wanted to have another one!)

The dishes were easy to finish and seriously good: the combination of flavors and the preparation by Floreyn resulted in delicious food. I would not hesitate to go back: more Dutch food please!



3 courses, EUR 37,50

Friday & Saturday

Dutch cuisine , Albert Cuypstraat 31, 1072 NB Amsterdam

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