The full Spanish experience in London just around the corner of Covent Garden

Warmth of Spain

As I was wondering through the streets of London, looking for a nice spot to warm myself (it was literally freezing), I bumped into Condesa. It was crowded and looked quite cosy. In other words, perfect to have a nice Spanish wine and to get back to a nice body temperature. Although there were no free seats, the owner of Condesa created a place for me to enjoy a good glass of wine. From that place I had perfect sight on everything happening at Condesa: the people eating, the employees and the great atmosphere created by the combination of the two.

The food – especiales

Since all this amused me, I decided to have a look at their menu: Spanish tapas. Then the girl working behind the bar pointed out that there was also a list of Especiales. Believe me, these were special tapas!

The Especiales were tapas with a modern twist and new combinations of typical Spanish tapas with Mexican influences. For example, a paella with duck confit and wild mushrooms, scallops gratinated with dry sherry and smoked cheese bechamel and octopus with ponzu and home made hummus.


Condesa is nicely decorated with subtle Spanish elements. Also, the staff brings an extra Spanish element to your evening by speaking Spanish with each other and using their Spanish enthusiasm and temperament. I can guarantee that they will do everything to give you a joyful evening. You can enjoy this even more when taking a seat at the bar. The bar is also the kitchen of the restaurant and you can see the chefs in action. The concept gives the place a feeling of being home while enjoying a holiday in Spain. Need I say more?

While I was enjoying the tapas, the crew regularly checked in with me and provided me with nice advice on their wines, but they were also not afraid to joke around which is something that I really like! And no, it was not just me; the whole place was helped carefully and entertained by the Spanish host.

Favorite dish

The octopus made with ponzu, chile morita oil and home made humus. An unexpected combination, but damn what a dish. The octopus was perfectly prepared.


The experimental tapas in a nice atmosphere with a great host! So, if you are looking for a low-key restaurant in London where it feels like you are in Spain? Go to Condesa!


15 Maiden Lane (Covent Garden), WC2E 7NG London (UK)

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