Huisje James

Cosy dinner near the Veluwe with high-level cuisine

The arrival

Huisje James is situated in the eastern part of The Netherlands and perfectly reflects the peacefulness of this part of the country: it is situated in two small cosy, wooden houses in the middle of a small forest that is surrounded by meadow and its own vegetable garden. The parking place is a few minutes away from the restaurant. To complete the experience a small shuttle (golf car) will pick you up from the parking place to drop you off at the restaurant. In the shuttle, the background and history of Huisje James is told by one of the staff members. From that point on your memorable evening will begin!

First, we arrived at the reception house, next to which a romantic small wooden horse stable is located. The reception house is decorated with cosy details, such as a fireplace, comfy armchairs and retro props. At the house we were welcomed with an aperitif and some delicious snacks. This warm welcome is one of the aspect that makes Huisje James stand out.

The restaurant itself is located in a different house, next to the reception house. This space is also well decorated and has a warm atmosphere with cosy props.

The food

Huisje James uses high quality, local products (preferably from its own garden!) and creates a stunning menu while combining its products. The dishes are a good combination of well-balanced flavors. Nothing too crazy, but well prepared. And of course, these great dishes are accompanied by great wines! One of these wines being a champagne reserve made from predominantly chardonnay grapes. The champagne accompanied a risotto with truffle, rocket oil and parmesan. Believe me, this combination is heaven on earth!

Besides great food and a beautiful place, the people of Huisje James are kind and enthusiastic. They know what they are talking about and how to give guests a night to remember. Nothing too serious or uptight. Hospitality is definitely one of the core values of Huisje James. When visiting the eastern part of The Netherlands, I will definitely visit Huisje James again!

Favorite Dishes

Since I was not able to choose one favorite dish, I chose two:

  • The risotto with parmesan, oil of rocket and truffle accompanied with sublime champagne. The risotto was perfectly prepared and the truffles completed the dish.
  • The tournedos with pumpkin and wild mushrooms accompanied with a well- balanced amarone. The tournedos was of premium quality, as was the gravy. Another fun-fact about the food: the cheese platter consisted of Dutch cheeses only. Do not skip it!


The highlight of Huisje James, in my opinion, is the cosy and special setting. It is the perfect romantic getaway.

Huisje James
Van Golsteinlaan 20, 7339 GT Ugchelen, The Nederlands

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